Read up on the interaction between eye care and technology, including smart phones, tablets, and virtual reality.

Woman reading kindle

Digital Tablets Increase Reading Speed

Your iPad or Kindle can help regain vision loss and increase reading speed according to a study conducted at Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine. The study revealed that participants with moderate vision loss of the central vision due to eye disease saw an increase in reading speed of an average of…

Little girl using digital tablet in bed

The Impact of Digital Devices on Children’s Eyesight

Blue light—it’s a light we see every day, emitted from our digital devices, such as smart phones, tablets, computers, and more. With short wavelengths that release a high energy that can be harmful to the eye, blue light is affecting children’s vision…

Happy woman doing online shopping at home

10 Things to Consider Before Buying Eyeglasses Online

Shopping online for eyeglasses has evolved from being non-existent to now being a convenient alternative to shopping at private practices, optical retailers, or big box stores. Nowadays, you may be able to order your exact specifications…