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10 Things to Consider Before Buying Eyeglasses Online

Shopping online for eyeglasses has evolved from being non-existent to now being a convenient alternative to shopping at private practices, optical retailers, or big box stores. Nowadays, you may be able to order your exact specifications and unique customizations all from your computer or hand held digital devices. Some companies allow you to upload your picture and see samples of how certain eyeglasses would look on you, or may even ship samples to your home. Besides the obvious convenience and potential lower cost of online shopping, below are some additional “pros” to consider, along with some “cons” to take note of:

Advantages of shopping for your eyeglasses online:

  1. Access to more frame options as you can easily shop around on different websites (as opposed to running from retailer to retailer, or eye care provider)
  2. Access to plenty of information (but you will have to read it) without having to commute to an optical retailer or eye care provider office
  3. No sales pressure
  4. Access to occasional discounts provided by online retailers
  5. Saves you time

Disadvantages of shopping for your eyeglasses online:

  1. Cannot ask detailed questions with live, in-person assistance
  2. Difficulty in measuring your own pupil distance, bifocal height, frame size, and other measurements necessary to accurately fill a prescription
  3. Possible difficulty in returning custom fabricated eyewear that does not fit well or accurately correct your vision
  4. Possibility of ordering the wrong prescription, or other problems – some of which may lead to blurred vision or eyestrain
  5. Some websites may not accept your vision benefit plan

To further assist you in purchasing more affordable, quality eyeglasses online, consider the following tips:

  • Avoid limiting yourself to designer brands
  • Check out large discount stores for special deals
  • Research the seller to check for reviews and complaints
  • Once you decide on the eyeglasses you like, search online for better prices for the same product
  • Read return policies
  • Review shipping policies
  • Don’t be afraid to discuss the cost of frames and/or lenses with your eye care professional

If you’d like to learn more about online eyeglass shopping, click here. Remember, when shopping or purchasing eyeglasses, whether in person or online, you will need a valid and current prescription. So be sure to visit your eye care professional when you are ready to start eyeglass shopping in the future!

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