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Any and all eye concerns, conditions, and care for people aged 18 to 65.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued warning letters to eight companies for manufacturing or marketing unapproved ophthalmic drug products in violation of federal law.

Decorative Contacts and Your Eyesight

Whether it’s for a daily cosmetic look or a Halloween costume, there are many people who use decorative contact lenses to change their eye color or look. But are decorative contact lenses safe?

Is Red Wine Good For Your Eyesight?

If you’re hoping the answer is a “yes!” you’re in luck—studies have shown drinking red wine in moderation has helped prevent a few eye diseases:

What is Hyperopia?

Hyperopia is when the eye cannot properly focus on close objects, while distant objects may appear clearer. Children naturally have a lot of focusing power and may be able to see distant objects clearly, but continuous use of this focusing power may lead to visual complaints and, in some cases, headaches.

Should you consider the benefits of LASIK? 

LASIK is a well-known laser eye correction procedure and is more common than you might think. Today, more than one million Americans opt for the advantages of laser vision correction each year to correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, and/or astigmatism. LASIK is quick, virtually painless, and most individuals recover within 24 hours.

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Vitamin A Deficiency and Eyesight

Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant and fat-soluble vitamin that helps maintain proper body functions like immune function, reproduction, growth and development, organ function, and vision. You become vitamin A-deficient when your diet is poor…

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Eye Allergies

Allergic Conjunctivis, also called eye allergies, occurs when allergens irritate the eyes causing certain cells in the eyes to release histamine, as well as other substances. This reaction causes the blood vessels in the eyes to swell producing red, watery, itchy eyes…

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How to Treat an Eye Stye

A stye usually looks like a pimple or a boil that forms around the edge of the eyelid, but sometimes can form on the inner portion of the eyelid. It is painful…

Dry Eye Syndrome (Keratoconjunctivitis)

Dry Eye is a condition in which a person does not have enough tears to lubricate the eye. This can result from either a poor quantity of tears, or if tears are of a poor quality…

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Contact Lens Do’s and Don’ts

An estimated 45 million people in the U.S. wear contact lenses to correct their vision and 40% to 90% of them are not following proper contact lens hygiene practices…

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Snowblindness and its Effects on Your Eyes

Ultraviolet (UV) damage is more than just a warm weather danger; the snow actually reflects 80% of the sun’s rays thereby increasing the risk of sunburn and skin cancer in colder months as well. This is not only a problem for our skin…

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A Bad Mix: The Sun and Common Medications

It’s true: taking common medications and being out in the sun can affect your eyes. This combination can cause damage to the eyes as well as photosensitivity (sensitivity to sunlight). These common drugs are also referred to as sun-sensitive drugs, and include, but are not limited to:

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Protective Eyewear—Do Athletes Need It?

The benefits of eyeglasses are invaluable to those who need them to see, but there is another type of eyewear that is equally important to those who need vision correction and those who don’t need vision correction alike…

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Diabetes and the Eyes

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in adults. It causes damage to the eyes by affecting the small blood vessels, sometimes causing them to leak fluid into the eye, which can lead to vision loss. The good news is that with proper care, vision can often be preserved.