Woman reading kindle

Digital Tablets Increase Reading Speed

Your iPad or Kindle can help regain vision loss and increase reading speed according to a study conducted at Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine. The study revealed that participants with moderate vision loss of the central vision due to eye disease saw an increase in reading speed of an average of 15 words per-minute. Moderate visual impairment is considered 20/70 to 20/160 as compared to 20/20, which is considered perfect vision.

iPad or Kindle?

Set at an 18-point font, both the iPad and Kindle proved to increase reading speed compared with print book or newspaper in those with moderate vision loss. However, the iPad resulted in a gain of 42 words-per-minute (WPM) vs. the Kindle’s increase in reading speed of 12 WPM. The researchers believe that the back illuminated screen of the iPad offers a sharper contrast between the words and the space around them, providing greater comfort and clarity to those who experience complications while reading. The original Kindle used in the study did not have a back-lit screen. It’s important to mention that those with perfect vision preferred to read off of printed materials over digital tablets.

In the past, people with vision loss were limited to a bulky lighted magnifier to assist with their reading. The tablets offer a less cumbersome device to assist with better quality reading. It may be a good idea to purchase a digital tablet for a senior you know who suffers from vision loss.