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Reopening During COVID-19: What You May Experience at Your Next Eye Doctor’s Office Visit

As the country continues to reopen during COVID-19, so do the eye care provider locations that participate in the NVA provider network.  With these openings, come a few changes. The American Optometric Association explains what changes you can expect at your next eye doctor’s visit: 

  • Strict protocols for cleaning and sterilization of the office  
  • Possible temperature readings in the office to check for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Social distance practices including limiting number of patients in waiting room
  • Staff and patients may be required to wear face masks and/or gloves
  • Limitation on hours of operation

If you or someone in your household is sick, it is recommended that you stay home. If you have a scheduled eye doctor’s appointment, please call to reschedule for a time when you or your family member is better.

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These new safety practices may take time to adjust to, but they are in place to protect all of us.  

If you’re looking for an eye doctor log into our website at https://www.e-nva.com/nva/content/home/login-register.xhtml.  Prior to your visit, please call your eye care provider to confirm hours and/or any other changes. 

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