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Is Your Child Ready for Contact Lenses?

Has your child expressed an interest in wearing contact lenses? If your answer is yes, then ask yourself these five questions to determine if they are ready for contact lenses:

1. Is your child responsible enough to follow through on household chores or schoolwork?

If your child is responsible, he or she may be mature enough to follow the daily steps that come with wearing and maintaining contact lenses.

2. Does your child regularly groom him/herself or brush his/her teeth?

Hygiene is the most critical aspect of successful long-term contact lens wear.

3. Have you noticed a decrease in your child’s self-esteem? (Hint: your child refuses to wear his/her eyeglasses)

Contact lenses may be the boost of confidence your child needs.

4. Does your child play sports?

Contact lenses provide the peripheral vision that is often lost when wearing eyeglasses. Also, contact lenses may offer additional options when it comes to choosing protective eyewear.

5. Is your child 10 years of age or older?

According to the Children Contact Lens Study conducted by American Optometric Association (AOA) Research and Information Center, more than half (51%) of optometrists feel it is appropriate to introduce children to soft contact lenses between the ages of 10 and 12 years old.

If you answered yes to all of these questions or feel that your child is ready, it may be time to contact your child’s eye care professional to schedule a contact lens filling. At the appointment you, your child, and the eye care professional may discuss the above factors. If everyone agrees contact lenses are the right choice, your child’s eye care professional will proceed with a contact lens filling and provide instructions on how to use and care for the contact lenses.

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