Woman at beach in sunglasses

Five Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

Whether its summertime or vacation-time, hot weather means beach time, or pool time. Unfortunately, spending too much time soaking up the sun can damage not just your skin, but your eyes via the sun’s Ultraviolet (UV) rays. Making sure one has the right sunglasses to protect their eyes is essential.

Among the many criteria to consider when shopping for proper sunglasses, selecting the correct lens that caters to your specific needs should be at the top of the list. Polarized lenses for instance, offer specific protection from UV rays and work great for certain water and outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, golfing, surfing, or just relaxing at the beach or pool. Polarized lenses are also known to reduce glare and haze, thereby making them even more beneficial to anyone engaged in activities that involve rapid changes in light conditions.

Here are five other benefits of polarized lenses you should consider when purchasing sunglasses:

  1. Increase in visual comfort—the lack of glare results in better viewing of objects in bright conditions
  2. Enhanced clarity of vision and contrast for ground level objects for a better viewing experience in water
  3. Reduced eyestrain—due to less frequent adjustments to glare from reflections
  4. Diminished reflection
  5. Increased vibrancy in color

Although sunglasses with polarized lenses tend to be more expensive than regular sunglass lenses, the additional expense could be worth it for those who need the provided benefits. Consult with your eye care professional to determine if polarized sunglass lenses are right for you.