Kids playing at the park

10 Warning Signs That Your Child May Need Vision Correction

It’s back to school time! Early detection of vision related problems can save your child years of struggling through school. Consider taking your child to see an Eye Care Professional (ECP) if he or she does any or all of the following things:

  1. Squints
  2. Covers one eye to read, work on the computer, or watch television
  3. Constantly sits too close to the television or computer
  4. Rubs eyes continuously
  5. Uses a finger as a guide to read
  6. Loses place while reading
  7. Holds book too close to face
  8. Tilts head to see better
  9. Complains of headaches or tired eyes
  10. Receives lower grades than normal, or if they have not had a professional eye examination in the last two years

The American Optometric Association recommends that all school age children receive a thorough eye exam at least once every 2 years even if vision correction is not required.* Children who wear corrective lenses should see their Eye Care Professional annually or as specified by their ECP.

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