FDA Warns Amazon on Sale of Unapproved Eye Drops

Earlier this week, Amazon announced they will be removing seven brands of eye drops from their website. This announcement comes after Amazon received a warning letter from the FDA for listing unapproved and potentially unsafe eye drops on their website for sale.  

The branded eye drops, sold to relieve symptoms such as excessive watery discharge, redness, burning and pink eye, have since been removed from Amazon. The brands that are no longer available include:  

  • Similasan Pink Eye Relief 
  • The Goodbye Company Pink Eye 
  • Can-C Eye Drops, Optique 1 Eye Drops 
  • OcluMed Eye Drops 
  • TRP Natural Eyes Floaters Relief 
  • Manzanilla Sophia Chamomile Herbal Eye Drops.  

In the letter from the FDA to Amazon, it was stated that “These products are especially concerning from a public health perspective.. Ophthalmic drug products, which are intended for administration into the eyes, in general pose a greater risk of harm to users because the route of administration for these products bypasses some of the body’s natural defenses.” 

This warning is in addition to the FDA’s recent alert regarding at least 26 over-the-counter eye drop products that were also for sale without FDA approval. In addition to Amazon, CVS Health and Walgreens were among the list of companies that received warning letters. These eye drop brands have been linked to increased risk of eye infection and even vision loss. 

For more information on the specific products recalled by the FDA, view the resources below: