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NVA Member Additional Discounts

As an NVA member, you can take advantage of additional discounts we set up for you. See what’s available.

LASIK: Always wanted to be free of eyeglasses and contact lenses?  NVA membership gets you discounts on laser vision correction through LCA’s National LASIK Network. (Learn More)

Contact Lenses: Find your brand of contact lenses at a discounted price when using online retailer Contact Fill.  You can even apply your NVA vision benefit to your order. (Learn More)

Hearing Services: Listen up! NVA members receive discounts on hearing services and products through EPIC Hearing. (Learn More)


*Lens options purchased from a participating NVA provider will be provided to the member at the amounts listed in the fixed option price list above. Options not listed will be priced by NVA providers at 20% off the Provider’s Retail (U&C) price.  Wal-Mart / Sam’s Club Stores:  Due to their everyday low prices (EDLP) Wal-Mart / Sam’s Club stores do not provide additional discounts. Discounts are not insured benefits. In certain states, members may be required to pay the full retail amount and not the negotiated discount amount at certain participating providers.

 **Discount is not applicable to mail order; however, you may get even better pricing on contact lenses through Contact Fill.